Art Show at Ulen Country Club

Join us for Michael J McGuire’s Ulen Country Club Art Show on July 27th from 2:00 –  5:00pm.

Ulen Country Club
100 Country Club Dr, Lebanon, Indiana 46052

Michael will be exhibiting his diverse collection of paintings, prints, and stationery.

Michael’s subjects include:
Abstract Art
Animal Art
Faith Collection
Medley Art
Nature Art

On October 10, 2015, Michael was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with Dural Venous Sinus Thrombosis, a very rare brain bleed. Two days later, he was rushed into emergency surgery to help reduce the severe swelling/pressure on his brain by removing a portion of his skull (Decompressive Craniectomy). This surgery saved his life. Michael had to learn how to walk and eat again. Since his brain injury, Michael has Aphasia, where he knows what he wants to say, but has trouble thinking of the right words to speak, so communication is difficult for him.

Michael discovered his hidden talent for painting one year after his journey began. He has a creative eye for color and his ability to paint such beautiful artwork is simply amazing and a true blessing from God!

Michael currently lives in Noblesville with his wife Megan (Kries) and their 2 dogs, Divot & Birdie.

Read more of Michael’s story at:

Come Celebrate Michael’s passion!

“I enjoy painting because it is detailed, calming, and intense.” ~ Michael J McGuire


Facebook Event:

PDF Flyer: Art Show Ulen


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